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What we do

Research and reports

We help companies create professional thematic reports based on data analysis and research. We provide expert knowledge in key areas for business and economy.

Thanks to the reports, our Partners can communicate more effectively in the public sphere and reach key stakeholders.

PB Forecast

PB Forecast is an analytic service presenting forecasts and political and regulatory changes concerning the main EU economies, Poland's neighbours and selected industries.

Our clients know about everything that is important in the economy and what can affect business (in Polish).

Data Warehouse

The SpotData platform provides access to over 40,000 data from the Polish and global economy, which can be downloaded in the form of charts and tables for Excel.

Our clients can quickly reach interesting data and use it in analyzes, reports and presentations (in Polish).

Analysis outsourcing

We support companies in sentences related to the construction of analytical models, data search and an appropriate data-based communication strategy.

SpotData therefore allows companies to outsource some analytical functions.

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