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100 Most Important Trends in CEE Economies

Partner: Skanska
May 2021

In the report we identify 100 most important trends in CEE countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania) in 10 domains: global context, economic growth, labour and society, companies and sectors, real estate, modern business services, institutions, infrastructure, energy transition, technological transition.

CEE Investment Report 2019. Thriving Metropolitan Cities

Partner: Skanska, Colliers, Dentons
October 2019

The CEE Investment Report covers the key economic and business trends which influence the office markets in five countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The 2019 edition of the report, titled “Thriving Metropolitan Cities”, concentrates on cities, referencing their growing importance in global economy.

Towards a sustainable balance - How the European Union should combine ambitious sustainable development goals with the need to increase competitiveness

Partner: European Commission

The analysis in this report points out the most important areas where a change of pace and track can be useful. In other words, within the existing EU strategies, we identify those elements which work and those which need to be adjusted or accentuated. We do not discuss any revolutionary changes, but propose adapting strategies to better fit contemporary challenges.

OPENING TO CHANGE. The Heart Corporate Innovation Report 2019

Partner: The Heart
January 2019

The report describes how corporations develop innovation and how they collaborate with startups. The report is based on a study conducted with innovation leaders from international corporations in Poland.


Partners: CBRE, Dentons, PwC, Skanska
October 2018

Megatrends that change industry - Polish manufacturing companies in the context of global industrial megatrends (in Polish).

Partner: Innogy
May 2019

What are the global trends in industry? What awaits industrial companies in Poland in the coming decade? To answer these questions, we have identified current trends in world industry based on the analysis of actions and plans of 150 largest industrial companies in the world. Then we checked, on the basis of data, how Polish industrial companies perform against this background.

Capital for development - The importance of Employee Capital Plans for economic growth and citizens' welfare (in Polish).

Partner: IZFA - Chamber of Fund and Asset Management
February 2019

In this report we present the impact of the Employee Capital Plans on the economy, wages and pensions. We distinguish two main channels of influence: individual - if the average pension increases - and macroeconomic - what will be the impact of PPK on GDP and the capital market.

Big industrial advancement. The growing role of industry in the Polish economy and global supply chains (in Polish).

Partners: AXA Ubezpieczenia, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., VELUX Polska
November 2018

In this report we present key trends related to the advancement of Polish industrial companies on the global markets.

Generation Z in finance and the labour market. How Z, X and Y generations differ in light of data and research (in Polish).

Partner: Provident
June 2019

How do socio-demographic changes affect the Generation Z? What do current and future employers of the Generation Z need to be prepared for? How will young people manage in the world of finance? What aspects must be taken into account by companies targeting Generation Z? We answer these questions in this report.

Restructuring in Poland - Report for the second quarter of 2019 (in Polish).

July 2019

In the report, co-created together with attorneys from Zimmerman Filipiak Restructuring, we present an analysis of what works and what needs to be improved in the Restructuring Law in Poland. The report also contains the most important statistics on restructuring proceedings: number of proceedings, approved agreements, sectoral structure of companies and duration of particular stages of proceedings. The report presents legal analyses of selected issues.

POLISH MED-TECH. OPPORTUNITIES AND ILLUSIONS. Report on the market of medical start-ups in Poland (in Polish).

Partner: AbbVie
October 2018

CEE INVESTMENT REPORT. From Phenomenon to Fundamentals

Partners: Skanska, Dentons, JLL, ABSL, Fitch Ratings
October 2018

Warm-up status. Real estate market against the background of economic trends in Poland (in Polish).

Partner: Innogy
September 2018